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We manufacture
and print
all kind of
envelopes and pockets.

Certified company:

MAESPA owns all the certifications that guarantee a responsible and committed production with the environment.

Our Products


Maespa manufactures a product for you which is appropriate to your prestigious brand. Undertake your mailings with a design that identifies you. We can carry out amazing finishes: embossing, stamping, glitter, UV and selected varnishes, plasticized, in multiple media supports and in the size you require. Leading brands in perfumery and jewellery use our services to carry out their campaigns.

In recent years, aware of the developments in the industry and the importance of creative and original communication, we have prepared ourselves to be the largest specialist for a product aimed at direct marketing and advertising.

We have more than 150 references for standard envelopes and bags, with a storage capacity of 1,500 pallets in permanent stock, enabling us to findany of your needs. Our modern logistics system processes your orders quickly and easily, so that you get just what you need when you need it.

A large variety of specific envelopes for postcards, tourism and greetings. Major European postal editors support our work. Standard sizes and special designs, coloured paper or printing according to your requirements.